MIFARE Card inlay

At Idealcard, we offer the widest range of MIFARE cards to cater for various types of applications. With our plastic card printing and manufacturing facility based in Singapore, working with Idealcard gives you peace of mind as we are committed to provide undisrupted supply of MIFARE cards to our customer to ensure smooth operation of their business.

Where RFID card application is concerned, you can't leave out MIFARE cards because this is one of the most popular products under the HF (High Frequency) category. Generally, the name MIFARE, refers to the range of contactless smart card under the trademark of NXP Semiconductors. Typically, the MIFARE products can be characterised by its compliance to ISO/IEC 14443 Type A protocol, and they transport data at the 13.56MHz frequency range.

If you are in need of MIFARE cards, be it pre-printed or just plain white cards, you have come to the right place. With the well equipped production based here in Singapore, we have the flexibility to fulfill all sorts of requirement that you may have for your MIFARE Cards such as:

Mifare blank card

  • Blank cards with or without the chips' UID.
  • Various forms of UID printed in accordance to your requirement, Hex or Decimal in MSB or LSB order.
  • Pre-printed with your custom design, available from small to bulk quantity print at the shortest possible time.
  • with add-on features you can find on any other Pre-printed PVC cards, such as barcodes, Magnetic Stripe, Hot-Stamping, Signature Panels, or even personalised photos.
  • Special request to encode customised security keys, or writing data to smart chips.

Feel free to discuss with us about your requirements, and we will have a solution for you.

MIFARE Classic 1K and 4K

This could be considered the entry level for the contactless smart card products among the MIFARE family, due mainly to its affordability. They are also known to be the most widely used contactless smart cards in the market where RFID appications are deployed.


  • Contactless transmission of data and energy supply
  • 1K /4K bytes EEPROM
  • Operating frequency13.56MHz
  • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A compliant.
  • Size 85 x 54mm, 0.84mm thickness
  • Material: PVC

For customers who wish to order blank cards, you have the options to choose from totally blank, or printed with UID. Different format of UID, (whether in Hex or Decimal) available upon request.


MIFARE DESFire is, by far, the most sophisticated of the MIFARE® cards available, and it's perfectly suited for storing sensitive information and making secure transactions. It has more hardware and software security features than the standard MIFARE chips and the DESFire operating system offers solid platform with encryption which makes it a perfect choice for application where security is of utmost importance.


  • Fully ISO/IEC 14443 A 1-4 compliant
  • Memory size available at 2/4/8 kB EEPROM with fast programming
  • High data rates according to ISO/IEC 14443-4:
    up to 848 Kbit/s
  • Choice of open DES/2K3DES/3KDES/AES encryption
  • Privacy protection
  • Unique 7-byte serial number (ISO Cascade Level 2)

MIFARE Ultralight

Embedded with smaller memory capacity than the Classic and DESFire, MIFARE Ultralight cards are an ideal option for low‐cost, high volume applications such as public transport, loyalty cards and event ticketing.

In terms of industry utility, they are most suitable for disposable ticketing. Sporting events, entry to exhibitions, public transport tickets and etc. They were also being widely used by Vingcard for their hotel key cards which come with their customised encryption.


The MIFARE Plus has been developed as sort of replacement for MIFARE Classic which security has somewhat been compromised. It offers a higher level of security that incorporates AES and DES/Triple-DES encryption standards, as well as an older proprietary encryption algorithm. This is best suited for application that requires more stringent security, such as stored value payment solutions, access control.

Available in 3 versions users have the choice among MIFARE Plus X, MIFARE Plus S and MIFARE Plus SE.,

Should you require any assistance in selecting the right products for your application, do not hesitate to contact us at 9487 2995 or drop us a note using the contact form on our webpage.


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