These diatomite coasters are affordable & Great personalized gifts for any occasion! :) You can personalise the coasters with names or your personal messages with our design studio.


Listing price is for 1 piece & Text on 1 side only.



Product Description:

Diatomite Coaster is made of natural soil called Diatomaceous Earth (DE); a naturally occurring, highly absorbent material that retains water very efficiently, dries quickly and suppresses propagation of germs and fungi, having deodorant effect. It prevents the growth of mould and mites!

Diatomite Coasters unlike your average coasters, it absorbs the condensation off your cold drinks, saving you the hassle to wipe your table dry!


Important Note

Diatomite is a fragile material. Please store it carefully and treat it gently.



Round shape


Ultra water absorbency

Mold Free

Quick Dry

Long Lasting

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